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Film made by ]interstice[, 11th edition of the meeting of the unclassifiable, dedicated to sound, visual and digital art, is a journey to the heart of those artistic practices that strike the imagination and is an un precedented exploration of a city through the creations of international artists.


Drifting Patterns [2014]

Drifting Patterns is the physical outcome of a research on alternative energy sources and how these can be used in a kinetic sound installation. Following the lead of Heron’s water and wind machines, “Drifting Patterns” is a wind organ in which kinetic energy is converted into pneumatic pressure. This pressure is used to play a number of organ pipes divided over five objects which are placed in the landscape. The result is an ongoing and constantly varying sound composition in which complexity emerges between the shifting patterns of the sound sculptures.

Drifting Patterns was made together with guest artist Marco Broeders

“Drifting Patterns” is co-produced by TodaysArt and Oerol and is realized with the generous support of Stichting Stokroos.

Artists: Jeroen Molenaar & Joris Strijbos